Friday, November 21, 2014

My Birthday Week - Photo Diary

Let's start this photo diary on the day I turned 26 years old. 

Mama and I went to SM Aura to look for accessories we will be wearing on a wedding. 
Forever 21 Accessories : Earrings, rings and a bracelet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10/18 Part two

This is the second part of my gala last October 18. I didn't expect that it would made me feel or gave me an idea that it was going to be a humbling experience after attending this event. Why? Because most of the events I've been to were attended by young professionals or retired professionals from different field of industries. I witnessed some people advance in years who lined up while waiting for their turn to taste some of the different kinds of bread with different bread spreads. It turned out to be a family affair for some. It was my first time to experienced this kind of celebration. 

Gardenia Happy Bread Day! Bread City Passport

Breakfast Nook. 
This was part of the snack booth. Yes, that's ice cream on top.
Send in your Raffle tickets area. 
There was presentations from different universities.
Items I got to take home. I didn't go to all the booth eh.

Before heading home, I went to BHS Central square to get this Porefessional sample from Benefit Cosmetics.
I went to Planetsports BGC to exchange an item I got that week for another size. Burn. I didn't get the right size for me. You've seen my ig post of my shopping bag


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BDJ Fair 2014. Live It Up!

I was supposed to be part of the Scavenger Hunt that day, October 19, 2014 which I wanted to be part of again for the second time but I was late. I think you noticed how many events I've been to wherein I didn't come on time . LOL. Seriously, there were just some unfortunate events happened before I arrived where I needed to be early occurred. Palusot!

Anyway, this BDJ Fair was my second time. It could have been my third experience. My supposed to be first time happened when some things needed to be settled. Ang drama naman. lol. I invited some of my former classmates from my Technical school but they weren't available that day. I'm thankful for some acquaintances though. At least, I have someone to talk to or chit-chat in a bit. 

The first booth I went to was the TGIFRIDAYS booth. I've been hearing and wondering what Mojito tastes like. Yes, it was my first time to drink up a Mojito that day. At the left side of this booth was Fit For Fashion booth. I didn't get any freebie because part of the their contest mechanics was to post your own selfie photo on Facebook. I didn't have my pocket wifi with me and I was connecting to SM WiFi. The only app or social media account working/ connecting via my mobile tab was Instagram. 
Met Ate Sheera again after a thousand years. Last year, she was my buddy too at the event. Glad to see her again. I didn't try this zip line. I think I was not on the mood. I find the area not appropriate for this kind of activity.

Hello daw :)))