Saturday, April 5, 2014

Great British Festival Fashion Show- Summary Highlight

I rarely witness a fashion show. I just couldn't resist not posting these photos. Of course it was fun. I just had a hard time taking pictures though. There was a girl in front who kept on blocking me from taking pictures. This is a very late post. Blame it on the slow internet connection.

 Kat Alano hosted the show
 These kids sung our national anthem and Great Britain anthem too.

Colgate Fresh Jam Concert at SM North Edsa Skydome - High Photos


BDJ Box Beauty Social: Tres Chic

This post cannot be counted as an entry to the promo of May BDJ Box. Ha ha ha. Bdj Box beauty social has now become one of country's biggest beauty event. I made sure that I'm not going to miss out.

 First booth that I tried was the Godiva Skin free facial massage. It was really a first for me cos I don't really spend some bucks for treatment like this.

Rags2Riches. High Seas: Spring/ Summer 2014 Bag Collection VIP Launch

As mentioned in my previous post, I was invited to this product/collection launch named High Seas. Rags2Riches Spring/ Summer 2014 collection. I was having anxiety on the day I got the invitation via email. But when I've read it, yes!... All the blues went away. 

Anyway, I took the Brixton route in Pasig going to Privato Hotel. When I was looking at the Google maps, I found it very clear or accessible to find the location of Privato Hotel. I rode a tricycle from Brixton and asked the driver to drop me off the area. I was right! It was really more easy. Given that there is traffic along EDSA. 

I was actually late when I came in. I missed the crafting/weaving/make your own clutch. I was standing for almost an hour I guess. I saw Alessandra Lanot somehow. 
I roamed around and found these mini chocolate mousse. :))))
It was my third time to met/saw the Rags2Riches current President, Miss Reese Fernandez-Ruiz. The first was a year ago during the Newel collection fashion show at Greenbelt. The second was at BDJ Rendezvous last year. Forgot what month.
Mariana Bag

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rags2Riches: High Seas. Spring/Summer Collection 2014

I got invited to this event via email. When I decided to formed this blog a year ago, I know what purpose it will be --that is to promote Filipino brands. I will blog about the event soon.

This summer, R2R dare you to reclaim your freedom. Go on meaningful adventures, create new and beautiful stories, and take an R2R bag with you on your journey. Come on: let's make this summer count.  The bags from the High Seas collection will be available in the R2R store in Glorietta 1 starting Saturday, March 22. Rag2Riches is on the 3rd floor, located between National Bookstore and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. 

"There is humanity woven into every bag." 
Rags2Riches Inc. is the Philippines' foremost for-profit social enterprise. We create 
eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials 
and indigenous fabrics, and by working with artisans living in the poor communities 
across the country. 
In a world where fashion is often seen as excess, an R2R bag is proof that style 
and sustainability can coexist. By transforming upcycled scrap cloth into beautiful 
fashion pieces, we are able to integrate conscientious design into our work. 
In a world where fast and cheap labor is sought, R2R places the highest value on 
every person's humanity and dignity. We are proud to work with partner artisans who 
come from all over the Philippines – from the densely populated communities of the 
capital, to the mountain range tribes of the South. R2R is a life and livelihood partner for 
these empowered and dignified artisans, as they strive to weave better futures for their 
families and communities. 
As a social enterprise, we go beyond charity and beyond aid. We create meaningful, 
high value, and sustainable trade. 
As compassionate entrepreneurs, we strive for success that does not leave anyone 
behind. If it's not inclusive, it's not progress. 

Rustan's X Nars Cosmetics Make-up Workshop.

I made it barely on time last March 14, 2014 at Rustan's Edsa Shangrila Mall for this workshop. I got curious on how does this MUA works her magic. I've learned about NARS Cosmetics back in my candy girl days. 
Before getting started, Miss Janice Daoud talked about some mandatory actions we need to do so the workshop would be very engaging. Here, she told us to use the hash tag narsissist when sharing about the workshop with our social media.