Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kuya Kim Atienza for Baron Antenna and Kent Ro Mineral Water Purifiers

Hello po. Last March 4, 2019, I attended the contract signing of Kim Atienza or more known as Kuya Kim Atienza for Baron Antenna (on his third year as endorser) and KENT RO mineral water purifiers as brand ambassador of the said products.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Press Release: FedRun Is on the Run Again! FedRun 2019 Is Open for Registrations!

Hello po. Sorry for not updating as often as 2015. Lol. Are you one of those who declared January as their trial month and will just start the year by February? Raise those hands up. I am guilty of this. Just started work-career related stuff yesterday. Let's kick-off the year aside from planning our career with a fun run. 

Aim for a great run this 2019 and jumpstart the year of the earth pig healthy and kickin’! 

Run with us at the FedRun 2019 this February 17 at SM by the Bay! The event was launched in celebration of Federation of Filipino-Chinese Alumni Associations Incorporated (FFCAAI) 10th Founding Anniversary and Chinese New Year, and in cooperation with Chinoy TV and race director, 

The Federation of Filipino-Chinese Alumni Associations Incorporated (FFCAAI) is an organization that aims to unite the Filipino-Chinese community. They started the annual FedRun in 2014 which aims to promote camaraderie, healthy and active lifestyle, close family ties and social awareness. For this Fedrun2019, it will be a thematic run in-line with the Chinese New Year and participants will get a chance to get free tikoywhen they register for the 10KM run! 

Interested participants can choose from three (3) run distances: 
Run Distances  
Assembly Time 
Gun Start 

Each entry comes with event shirt, race bib, medal and loot bags. REGISTER NOW! Visit for online registration. For inquiries, contact FFCAAI Secretariat at 241-8705, and like and follow @FedRun2019 and @ChinoyTV on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Event takes place rain or shine!  The event is supported by the Federation members.  Gong Xi Fa Cai! 發財.#FedRun2019 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Trini Yoga in Pasay

What welcomed us in the changing room area. Snacks for after the session. 
Thanks for all the sponsors for making this event happen. Nagaraya snacks, Dean and Deluca coconut water, Oasis Soothing Baby Oil, Delite Herbal Tea. 

Last January 20, 2019, I was able to experienced my third yoga session to date. Five years ago, I received an invitation to have a yoga sesh in the park. The manager of that yoga studio also offered some perks included in the email together with some arrangements which means a collab. Sadly, it didn't happen. I guess I was not yet ready for it. Then a post on Facebook more than a year ago about looking for a model who can do yoga ignited my interest again to be a regular yoga student. Silly.

My first yoga sesh was at I go Beyond Yoga studio in Rockwell. The second time was at Evolve BGC. The third time which happened recently is located in Pasay. Wow! Makati, Taguig and Pasay. I wonder where will be the next. LOL. :) 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Little Italy (2018)

Whenever I hear the word Italy, it always reminds me of a former classmate in highschool. Yes, she has Italian blood. On the other hand, whenever I hear stories of childhood sweethearts, I try to recall If I had one --- If I had my own childhood sweetheart ... but none. Lol. I had a lot of crushes from a very young age, I think I started having one from the age of seven.  😂 

Little Italy (2018) starring Emma Roberts and Hayden Cristensen is a story of two
childhood friends whose parents are business partners. 




1999. Best friends SAL and VINCE pool their talents and secret family recipes to give Little Italy its most storied pizza. One day a terrible fight breaks out between the two. No one knows why. But Little Italy is never the same again and neither is its pizza. A wall now runs between the once fabled pizzeria. PIZZA NAPOLI is now divided into VINCE’S PIZZA – THE BEST and SAL’S PIZZA – IT’S BETTER


Present day. Nothing has changed. Sal and Vince spend more time trying to sabotage one another’s shops than focus on their own business. But not everyone wants war. Love blossoms in little Italy’s cobblestoned piazzas between Sal’s daughter NIKKI and Vince’s son LEO. Nikki is now a Cordon Bleu chef freshly returned from London. She and Leo, a pizza chef who dreams of owning his own organic pizza place, rekindle their childhood crush right under their oblivious fathers’ eyes. Sal and Vince’s wives DORA and AMALIAare secretly best friends, but have to keep up the charade for their squabbling husbands’ sake. To complicate matters further, Sal’s mother FRANCA and Vince’s father CARLO are also carrying on a clandestine romance! 


When Franca and Carlo announce their wedding plans to their shocked sons, Nikki and Leo’s secret romance slips out in the open as well. A shocked Sal and Vince decide Little Italy is too small for the two of them. A wager is laid. “Team Sal” will face “Team Vince” in a pizza cookout and the loser will leave Little Italy for good. Sal and Vince succeed in pitting their children against each other, so Nikki and Leo are now also bitter rivals. 


Tempers are raging hotter than wood fired pizza ovens. Who will the winner be? Team Sal or Team Vince? And what of the couples? Will their love become the victim or emerge victorious in this ridiculously epic food feud?  


What I like about the movie:

1. The wisdom you get from the elders. But of course, you have to use your own mind and heart too when it comes to making decisions.

2. The local Starbucks, provided a critical and comical setting for the romance of grandparents, Carlo (Danny Aiello) and Franca (Andrea Martin).

3. The character of Leo because he has his own dream or goal. He wanted to open his own organic pizza restaurant. He is very charming. If you're into tall and kinda-slim or athletic built kind of guy, you should see the movie to see Hayden's charm. 

4. Some love quotes from the elders, Franca and Carlo.

5. How Nikki and Leo narrated the story.


        Director’s vision – Donald Petrie



Fresh off the oven, LITTLE ITALY is generously topped with ingredients that everyone enjoys – love of food, love of family, and love of one another.


LITTLE ITALY features multiple love stories involving couples of different generations. But above all, it’s a story about coming home to what you love and who you love. An impressive ensemble cast of vivid, colourful characters helps bring this story to life with a series of comedic punches and situations that line up one after the other, with little rest for the viewer.


This crowd-pleasing story is an inspired mix of memorable movies like Chef, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Love Actually and Big Night. It tells us the tale of two loud Italian families who wear their hearts on their sleeves and cook with fierce pride. To them, the love of food and family isn’t just an important thing – it’s everything!


Indeed, LITTLE ITALY would not be complete without mention of food – more specifically, pizza. It is said a recipe has no soul, and it is for us to bring soul to the recipe. So viewers can get ready for a visual feast, Italian-style that will leave them hungry and craving for more. If there’s one thing that can make absolutely everybody happy, it’s pizza. And you’d agree, a movie about the subject should come extremely close.