Thursday, April 25, 2013

At Co.lab Exchange

Random photos I've taken when I was there for the Heima Design Discussion 4 below:
One of the corner wall.

 I like the brick inspired wall...or this is really made of bricks?
 I think all of these words can be erased.

Souvenir photo
Ongoing promo

Co.lab Exchange isn't popular for the tricycle drivers as of now. When you are looking for an establishment or office in Brixton, you must know the number of that office. So the trike drivers can surely drop you off in front of what office you're looking for. I missed the Muni Volunteer meet up because I forgot to remember Co.lab's address. Even though I've been to Heima already ...hindi ko natanong sa building na yun kung nandun Co.lab Exchange. haha Well, that's my story of dumb dumb. haha

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