Saturday, April 27, 2013

Heima Brixton BBQ Party

Random shots taken during the Heima Brixton BBQ Party a week ago. The date was 4.20 as in April 20. I just remembered that date was intended for s-----s. haha. Sorry I'm a bad photographer.

This chair is new.
Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. One of their partner sponsors for the event.
Patrick Jamora. I don't know the girl eh. hehe

 People. This was around 5pm.
Hello. Have some?
 Keds was part of the partner-sponsor of the party.
 Vicky Herrera
 First cupcake I've tried from Vanilla Cupcake. Choco-mocha taste (for me!) :D
Second cupcake I've tried. It was very messy eating this.
 Timeframe Events

 Mr. Bong
Ending this post with this photo. I left very early. I wasn't able to see Anne Curtis.

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