Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keep Moving In Style Promo. My entry. I meant entries.

Mega Magazine and Blackberry had a contest recently for the promotion of the newest Blackberry phone model, the BlackBerry Z10. I actually joined the contest and was shortlisted. The winners were announced last Monday this week. You can check out the contest mechanics here.

Here was my first entry photo:
I know that this whole outfit doesn't have anything unique. It could have been better If I have a vest on. 
Shirt: Natasha, Necklace; Bows and Bands, Skirt/Pants: Apartment8 clothing, Booties: Primadonna.

Below are the photos during the photo shoot. FYI --stages during the photoshoot: Awkward, giving directions, arguing (hahaha).

 I ended up sending this photo above as a second entry. haha. During the deadline date, I managed to look for this photo when I perceived that my first photo wasn't able to abide the photo size requirement.

So there. You can check the whole contest entries here. Congratulations to the winners. This is just a warm up for me to join other contests. 


  1. Thank you Tina:) A sheer pants with shorts inside. It really looks like a skirt.


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