Monday, April 8, 2013

Manila International Auto Show at World Trade Center part 1

I was very surprised when I got a text message from Worldbex that I was one of the lucky 20 winners of tickets giveaway for the MIAS 2013. Warning! Many photos for documentary purposes. No photo stealing please.
Me on the number 18.

I didn't get my ticket here. I claimed my ticket in the media area. haha.
 Ticket that was given to me. I only had this with me for a few seconds. lol. Surrendered it immediately to enter the trade show.

Coolio! Ferrari

F1. Super like. They were actually promoting this.

 This red car with its back open for viewing purposes wow-ed everyone.

 Baby RCZ :)

 I saw another kind of this Jeep last Saturday during Lino Cayetano's campaign in the neighborhood.

 Me. Souvenir photo with this motorcycle. I don't know yet when will I have this one.

Will post another set of photos in my next entry.

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