Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Manila International Auto Show at World Trade Center part 2

Second set of photos from the MIAS 2013. I just want to share this cos it may possibly motivate you to do better in what you are doing or an addition to your goals.

 I like to have a pick up car too in the future.

 Capturing the venue crowd.

 Car anatonomy. Well, kinda like that. 

 Subaru had the best concept car displays in the trade show. 

 This Bus can make thousand stories to tell, thousands of people to get into their destinations, thousands of people to connect and thousands of places to pass by. I'm exaggerating. ikr.

 My hand on a cherry car.

 Didn't leave the venue without a photo op with this Ferrari.

Leaving you with this photo of World Trade Center. I realized I want a color red car. I always go for the black ones before whenever I picture of what car I want to have. 

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