Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tubong Pilipino by Fil-Artisans

A very late post. No photo edited. Sorry. This was two weeks ago. I'm glad was still able to be here on its last day. My agenda that day was to join Alyanna Martinez's workshop for Benefit Cosmetics. I wasn't able to be there on time. So I was here around 3 pm.

I like to have one any of these wooden miniature. Hi there Ate!
 This is the most interesting for me. Fresh Start Organic & Natural
 Different types of rice.
 Hand Sanitize rs

 I wanted to have one of those flower rings. They're worth 100 pesos each. No budget eh. haha

 This bag costs about a thousand pesos above. So fab!

 This is the only item I bought. A fabric slim wallet worth 50 pesos.

P.S I think my camera settings needs some fixing. 


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