Friday, October 11, 2013

Starbucks Reward Card Launch. August 7 at the New Glorietta Activity Center

One of my major backlog entry. I asked my trainer to let me go for an early out. It was Wednesday and have training at the center. Actually, my sister asked me to go to get her a reward card. Thank you so much Starbucks for all the free drinks and snacks during that night. Thank you for getting Zia Quizon and Rico Blanco to perform.

There's a photo booth at the left side before the entrance.

Free Frap :)
yummy :)
 Free Drinks
 Starbucks crowd
 The event area for people to watch Zia and Rico perform.
Djs as host for the night. Former candy cutie DJ Gino at the right side.haha
 Little games.
Didn't call or text my sister to still go after her office work. Extra invite there.
 Zia Quizon performed
She sung her songs and some old school song. For the title eh.

Rico Blanco

That's all folks!

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