Sunday, November 3, 2013

BDJ Box Beauty Social Part 2

 Sorry late post. Had a hard time uploading pictures.
They are the authority in beauty products recommendation. 
BDJ Box Beauty Ministry
The crowd

Ready for anything skin. Talk by Shiseido

Max Factor's How do I look

My first signed up talk was here. Parisian pretty with L'oreal Paris.
 Tracy Abad. Candice Lim there holding a bouquet.

 Contest last month which I wasn't able to join.
 There she is... the spotlight of the talk Georgina Wilson.
 This was my second signed up talk.
Obviously I was seated near the stage. Second row.
 Signature scents with Ralph Lauren
Torch Calories without looking like you did. Writers from Women's Health. I was able to get a seat here. I didn't sign up for this talk tho.
I don't have a photo for the last speaker. I left already the venue.


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