Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nuffie Awards. The Jokebox

These are the nominees for the category of  The Joke Box. What is this category all about? The Jokebox is awarded to the online influencer who never fails to make their audience laugh with a wisecrack joke or an interesting gig. Vote here

1. Anyare? Para sa Nahuhuli sa Latest.
I don't know who's the owner of  this. Sorry. I'm not sure of the link.

I don't know him too. Just checked out his blog.

3. Ramon Bautista
Who wouldn't know this guy? He has commercials, hosting gigs, book turned to a movie.. etcetera.

4. Richie Zamora - Pickiest Eater
I first met and learned about him through BDJ Rendezvous last May. I thought he is just in the food category in lined with Anton Diaz. Wow!

5. Sam YG.
The Dj and one of the host of Eat Bulaga.

6. The Soshal Network.
These ladies became blogger of the for Nuffnang. I don't really follow their blog eh. But I do visit random blogs..

There you go! Cast your votes! Also vote for Miss Ariella Arida for Miss Universe at

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