Friday, December 20, 2013

Alyanna Martinez Fitness Party For A Cause Part 3

Here are the photos of what happened from the event.  
The crowd before getting together in front of the stage for Zumba.
The crowd gathered together for the start of exercise.

After the Zumba and hip-hop workout. Mariel Paltu-ob from Brewing Point Dance Studio on white top.
 Chitchatting fitness instructors :) lol Sorry forgot the name of the guy partner of  Mariel.
 Blurry. I still like it though.
 Gretchen Fullido interviewed Alyanna for TV Patrol weekend.

 Jill Ngo for Belly Dance
Eastwood Bedazzling fire works

You must see for yourself this fireworks from Megalifestyle malls for their customers every 8 pm.

More photos up next. The raffle part and giving of prizes.

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