Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Alyanna Martinez Fitness Party For A Cause Part 4

Miss A celebrated her birthday with us, the participants. She was with her family and friends here on the stage. 

I seated near the fountain area during this time that's why this shot was at the side of the stage.

Miss A wore a top-cover up for a while during this time.
Parang bida yung ate na nakatalikod sa photos above to here. haha.
Gretchen Fullido with Lloyd, the dance marathon cardio instructor of the night.

I wanted one. haha

The Alyanna Cake

More pictures coming up. And it will be the last part.

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  1. haha! natawa ako dun sa ateng nakatalikod! anyways, hope you had a great time there :)

    Blossoming Wallflower


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