Friday, December 27, 2013

Alyanna Martinez Fitness Party For A Cause Part 5

 Candle blowing

The game part and some prizes giving part. 

 Some strength/stability game.
 Forgot what was the game during this time. 
 Didn't join this last workout

 Combat workout

 Thanking the sponsors and readying to dispense our loot bags.
Tired me. Just a remembrance photo.

 Number of most likes photo on instagram won a cbtl single serve machine
 Jigs Mayuga and Karen Bordador competed.

The end of my photos from my cherry mobile tablet. Can't believe it was the 40th leg of Alyanna Fitness Party. Will post freebies that I got next. Will join again the next leg of this fitness party. She made announcement that the kick off will be this 2014 summer. 

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