Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jump-start 2014 Choose to Shine with Pantene and Belle de Jour Power Planner

(Photos courtesy of Belle de Jour or Viviamo! monthly newsletter)
This campaign of BDJ and Pantene made me inspire to be a better person with a particular niche or in a well-driven force industry. Life is really what you make it.
 Thank you Xend for the free shipping.

A well designed box of Pantene for bdj girls who signed up at
 On the left: Pantene leave on treatment. On the right: Pantene conditioner.
Got my planner from Powerbooks which was given by my sister.
Hash tag choose to shine (#choosetoshine) campaign has been going on nowadays.
Will post another Jump start 2014 more about Belle De Jour Power Planner up next. 

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  1. Hi there :) I always see you during events and this is my first time in your blog. Let's chat with each other personally soon! :) Nice blog dear :)


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