Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jump Start 2014 with Belle de Jour Power Planner. My List for 2014.

Sometimes the best decision made is in farewell. Just a thought I have in mind as of the moment. I shouldn't be thinking anymore of what if, should have been or cold have been... My life has been different this 2013 compared to the last five years when I was in a community wherein being worldly is not the way to live. I'm not saying I am..was.. worldly this 2013. I am very glad that I did attend different events this year. My life has been really different because I met different people from all walks of life particularly in print media or arts. They inspired me to have a clear view or vision for the future. 

Let's now talk about BDJ. I thank God because my sister bought me once again the planner. ha ha. This 2014 will be my second year as a Bella. I remember I wanted a Bdj planner because of the free class in John Roberts Powers coupon. Sadly, I wasn't able to use it because of my schedule. 

 My sister got me a matte leather version of the planner.
 BDJ Girls make difference. Amen to that! (In our own little way.
Always check out ilovebdj.com 
I like the section Events Tracker. I remember getting a piece of paper and jotted down the date of the events I've been to just to summarize.

This has help me a lot with my expense tracker.
 Reminds me of my planner from Watsons back in 2010. It has sticker too.
 Got this from BDJ Fair Scavenger hunt.
 This Belle de Jour sticky notes is the newest addition of Viviamo! products.
I might just give some portions of these to acquaintances.

My plans for 2014:
- Attend BDJ Rendezvous
- Attend BDJ Passion series (hopefully)
- Attend Heima store design discussion and their other events.
- Join any fitness party as much as possible
-Get on track again with spirituality.
- A stable job.
- Get to travel out of Luzon.


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  1. I wanted to have a planner too but i am scared to buy haha... :D I just wish someone would give me a gift like that.

    Got one before, but it was too plain and dull i became bored and uninspired using it...


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