Friday, December 13, 2013

My Loot Bag from BDJ Fair 2013

Hope to get more than these next year. I wasn't able to go in all the booths. Thank you to all the sponsors this year. 

I brought these three bags to home. Take a look inside each bag. 

How pretty is this paper bag? <3
Here are the items for this first bag.
 I got a Focus/Finish Notebook, pen from Monggol, Skin White facial cleanser, Physiogel sachets, Yves rocher, Provence shampoo, Subic grand seas discount voucher. I joined Scavenger Hunt game that's why I got them.
 Second bag.
Chalk magazine, Ace water spa mug, some celeteque samples, Zen zest, Browhaus flyer, Pgysiogel, Goody elastics, J.CO flyer, Trilogy flyer, Dermclinic flyer, Free fish, Bulgogi brothers discount voucher, Ace water spa privilege card.
Star 360 Phils. Got this from the raffle.
Sharpie pens and tumbler.

Thnak you to Belle De Jour and sponsors.

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