Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sophie Sumner Tesda part shooting Part 1

Sophie Sumner had a shooting/taping part in our workshop area last November 7. I'm not sure yet if the title of the show is "Phil It Up". I heard it was for Discovery Channel.

This dress is from the stylist.

The stylist for the shoot.

Dressmaking course trainor Miss Len, Sophie Sumner and Ma'am Mayang, center chief.
 Secretary Joel
 Sophie isn't snobbish. Obvious isn't it?

 Team Phil It Up production
 Dresses provided by the stylist.
 Ate Lilia

 Mig Ayesa, David Weinholdt and Ate Lilia
Goofing around before the take

 Sorry Sec. Stolen shot here.

More pictures to go. Stay tuned.

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