Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Quest for Affordable Quality Fabrics.

I've been looking for affordable good quality kinds of fabrics in Divisoria for weeks. I'm a dressmaking student and might put up my own atelier in the future so I need to know where to find my materials in good deals.

 D' Sheer Fabrics store located in Tutuban Center Mall ground floor. The very first store you will find at Tutuban Center Mall if you are looking fro fabrics. I'm not sure if their pricing is just right. I haven't compared other store fabrics with other malls. Their gee nae silk is 20 pesos per yard. 
 Bodega Sale Factory Price fabric store located at lower ground  BB-25 Basement 999 Mall (Puregold area). I asked how much is their Katrina fabric and its worth 50 pesos per yard. 

 Beda's General Merchandise. This is located at General Shopping Center, Recto. I usually buy Katrina fabrics here for my project slash practice sewing. I can always get a deal of 35 pesos per yard. Not bad. Right? They only have few Katrina fabrics though. They sell fabrics mostly for pillows, curtains, for bed materials etcetera. 
DMC. They have everything a dressmaker needs. I usually buy my bobbin spool here for 3 pesos. The kind of spool for high speed machine. Compared to Carolina's lace shoppe 7 pesos worth of spool.

I also went to Tabora. I didn't take a photo of the place when I went there. Saw some nice floral prints fabrics. They are worth 180 pesos per yard. I didn't buy anything there. But surely I will go back again there soon. 

So there :) My shopping trip in Divisoria. I hope to find more stores which sell affordable fabrics. 

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