Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yabu Glorietta 5. Katsu for 200. Part 1

 This was once in a lifetime opportunity that a fine dining restaurant will served 200 people for free. Learned about this on instagram. 
 I was almost 200 when I got there. I arrived there by 9 am. The line lasted beside Perry Ellis. 

 Photographers wearing black collar top.
 It was my first time in Glorietta 5. I'm just usually around in the main mall of Glorietta every time I go there. Long lines! Long Lines!
Yabu Staff smiled at my camera.

 This was my rank. ha ha ha! So glad I made it!
 New found pal Irene.
 Another not flattering photo of mine. Keri lang yan teh!
 They served lemonade for those waiting in lines.
 Edamame. They also served this while we were waiting.
 I'm so fat. pfffttt! Thanks Irene for this photo. I look pleasant. ha ha!
 Some people behind the Yabu company with the lucky 200 girl at the center.

 The dining experience on Part 2. 


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