Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BDJ Rendezvous: Start Smart With BDJ

Who would resist not to miss the first ever BDJ Rendezvous this year? I missed the BDJ Passion series and BDJ Box Soiree so why not attend this event.

I was early. I roamed around to take pictures.
One of the sponsors. Skinfood.
Prizes and freebies.

Host for the said afternoon, Janeena Chan.
Wacoal bring me sexy game. Red lipstick by Rita :)
Meet Fruity.
Daniella Morga, Resource speaker of One Core. One Core isn't new to me. I've attended their several free learning sessions last year. Didn't sign up for premium membership until now.

Subic Grand Seas Resorts game. a la hep hep hoorray. Didn't take pictures of other games. I didn't join any games. But I brought my goody accessories though. editors : Kabbie Alipio and Jacque de Borja

 Just learned about the seasons of sale. Its every Jan-Feb, July and October.
 Miss Katherine Tiuseco "What to do on your Money?". Shared her principle of
Income - Savings =Expense
She has written a book "I wish they taught Money on School."
from 360 fitness club
I learned that do not base your workout with the weighing scale. Its not a good motivation. If you feel that your shirt has loosen and you feel good about about yourself while working out that's good. 

My loot bag post up next.

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