Saturday, February 15, 2014

Colgate Fresh Jam: Mind Blowing Experience. Song writing workshop. Part 2.

Happy Valentines Day people! Payday Friday. 
Here's the part two of the workshop. I might already forgot some details and some sequence.

Below are the photos from the discussion part. Tutti just asked random questions for the guests/mentors to answer so that we could learned from them. It was roll the dice kind of answering (for me). I took down notes. But I won't share them. :p You've got to experience this session in the future!
Mong says
 Antok pa daw ng konti si Abra during this time kaya nakatalukbong pa ulo nang hood ng jacket.
I like what Mong says about genre. You can see his explanation about genre on Colgate Facebook PAGE .

That's all for now. Wait for Part 3. I need to sleep. See y'all later at BDJ Rendezvous.

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