Sunday, February 16, 2014

Colgate Fresh Jam: Mind Blowing Experience. Song writing workshop. Part 3.

The main objective of the event. Song writing!
 We went out of the Meeting room 4.

Here are some videos for you to check out what our group did.

Get to know each other. Introduce yourself.


Videos courtesy of Frank.

First topic we made lyrics of Oras. It was the warm up of our song writing. Then, we asked our Mentor what was our designated topic of song. He said about love. Yiii... :D

He gave us this lyrics:

Ngiti. Hindi maikukubli.
Napapawi mo ang hapdi ng nakalipas
Kung pagpalipas na lang . . .
ang dati.

It was our chorus. We must give verses for us to complete the whole song. Most verses were from Jonaica.

We learned some tips from Lem:

1. Paragraphs must not contrast.
2. Don't give a tell-all-story when it comes to lyrics. Its not interesting anymore if there's no need to interpret the song.
3. Listen to your tune. It must not be the same with other already released track/single (song).

Below are the photos of each teams performing their composition. Wala kami photo nung kami na. Group photo lang.

 Team Eunice
 Team Abra
 Ayun  oh! Team Lem.
Team Mong
 Team Kean
 Forgot the name of this girl in jacket, Chiarra, Reymart, Frank, Van and Boogie
 Chiarra, Frank, me and Boogie

Thank you Colgate Philippines for this mind blowing experience.

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