Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colgate Fresh Jam: Mind Blowing Experience. Song writing workshop. Part 1

It has been a week ago since this event happened. I never really expected that I would be chosen as one of the participants. I tried doing some song writing back in high school. I even formed a girl group back in freshmen. Sounds silly. ha ha ha

This event happened the same day with Graphika Manila 2014. They occupied the big part of SMX Convention that day. We were situated in Meeting Room 4. Why am I telling these to you? ... wala lang. Charr! Before we enter the room, we have to picked a piece of paper in a bowl which indicates the team we will be assigned.  I have chosen the Team Lem.  
 Random co-participants from different teams. Didn't expect this free food. 
Our breakky snack before getting started with the session.

Event poster
 Some games to warm up. Our introduction host, Darwin.
The main host, Tutti Caringal.
 Fresh Tune Charade Game
Now the entrance of mentors.
Kean Cipriano
 Lem Beloro
Sorry, I deleted Mong's blurry entrance shot.
 Eunice Jorge of Gracenote


More photos and details up next entry.

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