Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rustan's X Nars Cosmetics Make-up Workshop.

I made it barely on time last March 14, 2014 at Rustan's Edsa Shangrila Mall for this workshop. I got curious on how does this MUA works her magic. I've learned about NARS Cosmetics back in my candy girl days. 
Before getting started, Miss Janice Daoud talked about some mandatory actions we need to do so the workshop would be very engaging. Here, she told us to use the hash tag narsissist when sharing about the workshop with our social media.

Here, she discussed first about the skin care. A lot of MUA nowadays emphasized how important it is to have a good skin care before applying make up.

a. Cleanser - Know your skin type. (Normal to dry skin, combination, normal or dry)
b. Use of toner/exfoliate. They call it "the vacuum". (Just asked the NARS counter staff)
c. Serum.
d. Moisturizer

e. Use eye cream. Nars brag about their eye cream because it is not just for hydration but really to avoid signs of aging.
Now, the make-up tutorial part.
 a. Foundation. Janice suggests use of fingers when applying.
b. Apply concealer - two shades: lightening to brighten
darker for contouring

 c. Apply translucent powder - for that extra glow.

d. eye shadow primer
 e. 3-in-1 multiple stick. Ask the counter if you don't know about this wonderful product.
 f. Eyeliner. Janice suggested applying it on water line.
 g. Eye palette.
h. Put on mascara.
f. Blush on. Janice taught us that applying blush on also changes just like trends.
 i. Lip liner.
g. Lipstick

I think I'll be purchasing their products soon. They're worth the bucks. Especially for the prevention of some signs of aging. I'm just in my mid20s. It is now or regret it in the future not taking care of your own skin.

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