Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rags2Riches. High Seas: Spring/ Summer 2014 Bag Collection VIP Launch

As mentioned in my previous post, I was invited to this product/collection launch named High Seas. Rags2Riches Spring/ Summer 2014 collection. I was having anxiety on the day I got the invitation via email. But when I've read it, yes!... All the blues went away. 

Anyway, I took the Brixton route in Pasig going to Privato Hotel. When I was looking at the Google maps, I found it very clear or accessible to find the location of Privato Hotel. I rode a tricycle from Brixton and asked the driver to drop me off the area. I was right! It was really more easy. Given that there is traffic along EDSA. 

I was actually late when I came in. I missed the crafting/weaving/make your own clutch. I was standing for almost an hour I guess. I saw Alessandra Lanot somehow. 
I roamed around and found these mini chocolate mousse. :))))
It was my third time to met/saw the Rags2Riches current President, Miss Reese Fernandez-Ruiz. The first was a year ago during the Newel collection fashion show at Greenbelt. The second was at BDJ Rendezvous last year. Forgot what month.
Mariana Bag

Now check out these six bags. They're the High Seas Spring Summer Collection 2014.

Cruiser Bag. This bag looks like really a stylish travel/vacay bag
 Serena Bag. Really sophisticated small bag.
This is a Kelly Misa x Rags2Riches collab bag.

Various people from all walks of life. I saw a familiar face here. 

Amina Aranaz 
Taste test. lol. Very light brunch foods.
Awww.. What I missed.
Some of the artisans.

Privato Hotel
Got to take home these. Thank you.

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