Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BDJ Rendezvous: Meet the Dream Chaser

One of my major backlog entry. I don't go to BDJ Soiree and BDJ Passion series so
I make sure to attend every BDJ Rendezvous gathering because of all the lessons that I get from every speakers. The event was held last June 14, 2014 at Eastwood Mall. 
The host, Miss Karen Bordador, Radio DJ of Rx 93.1. It was my fourth time to saw her in person. 

First speaker of that afternoon was Jaymie Pizarro (Blogger, Runner, Marathon enthusiast). She's the author of thebullrunner.com  She talked about how she got into running.

The next speaker was Miss Roxy Navarro, founder of Works of Heart. 
I like what she said about passion. Passion is different from hobby. It is what wakes you up in the morning.
Check out http://www.facebook.com/worksofheartph
 Our food snack. They also served us Red Mango yogurt. Sorry no photo to show up.
 I missed having a picture taken at Shangri-la bdj rendezvous event before this bdj rendezvous gathering so I fall in line with the other belles too.
BDJ Selfie.
 Bellas during break,
 Tab Abad of Strip Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus. Her topic was 'Be In Command: How to have It all. She talk about  mostly how she her business.
Kate Alvarez. Everyone know her as one of the beauty minister of BDJ Box. She's also one of the creative mind for Belle de Jour Power Planner every year. She talked about different kinds of depression. She shared her own experienced of the battle she went through while in the state of depression.

We were served with Serenitea drinks after her talk. No photo again. And finally, got out loot bags.

Thank you so much again to all the staff of Belle DE Jour, sponsors and speakers. Definitely an afternoon well spent. <3

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