Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Preview Magazine 19th Anniversary issue

I just want to share my top five favorite articles from last month's issue of Preview Magazine. I know I know this is another late update. I don't really get a copy of Preview every month but I do read it whenever it's visible and available to be read in a location where I am.

1. Page 34 Fashion Buzz - The New Normal: I like this article because I really do dress up in normcore. I'm a regular girl who commutes and on goes on the street everyday. Plus, I got to learn about the trend forecasting agency K-Hole. I think it is really cool to work in this kind of industry :)

2. Page 36 Fashion Buzz - Loosen Up: I got interested with the brand Harlan + Holden. I've been to Powerplant Mall but haven't checked out the store and it made me even more curious to check their pieces. According to this article, they were ahead of the trend in making the words "loose" and "slouchy", an elegant take on relax aesthetic. Somewhat my own personal style. 
3. Page 50 Fashion Workshop - The Wonder Years: Fashion Nostalgic moments. I learned that the Coco Chanel iconic bag name was Chanel 2.55. The launched date of this bag was during February 1955.

4. Page 108 Beauty Workshop - I have a big concern with getting an abs. ha ha ha :D

5. Page 130-135 Fashion Feature - Fashion Alliance. Anyone who would like to get in this industry would find this article very very helpful and informative.

Thank you for reading. I will post more top five favorite article in the future.

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