Monday, July 28, 2014

Unilab Social Media Summit 2014 Part 3

Leah Besa of SMART Communications Inc. 

There are 16 M mobile internet users. Mobile use for sneaking content on the go. 
Above photo illustrates percentage of reaching a data concentric audience. 
Fifth speaker: Rezza Custodio-Soriano. She talk about how to learn to implement social media campaign and identify success metrics. 
Z MOT - Zero moment of truth.
She exampled Zappos. ' If someone dissed you online, you answer with a smile.
  1. Tap Collective Social Media Power
  2. It's All About Your Email List, Dear.
  3. A Lot of "Social" is "service".
  4. Takes time to-be-a real time.
  5. Listen to 5 things They really care about.
  6. Remember about the Emotional influence. E.G (YouTube video "Bring Happiness Home)

The UNILAB Active Health Case Study

In this talk, it's all about simply delivering your brand promise.
Thank you so much United Laboratories Inc.Philippines for this experienced. It was a whole day of learning and enjoying free three meals. lol. 

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