Monday, July 28, 2014

Unilab Social Media Summit Part 2

Third topic: Protecting Your Brand

Man is on social media because he is part of social being.
In the world of social media, a small spark can make a huge fire.

Social Media Platforms
Here he talked about Heather Armstrong. It is an interesting story about her complain with a washing machine. (Just Google it yourself)

An old issue about Alodia Gosiengfiao who asked her fans to vote for her.
Gerald Anderson on Maybelline ad years ago. It was a scandal because of a transgender upload his obscene photo.

Basic Social Media Crisis Framework

  • Monitor
  • Assess 
  • Act
  • Check
Prepare: Brand Equity, Digital Crisis Team, PR Crisis Management Process, Brand Ambassadors.

Crisis Team Work Before Crisis Hits

  1. Identify brewing issues
  2. Categorize the issue
  3. Plan for critical and negative issue.

When Crisis Hits
-Qualify the crisis
-Gather Information
-Create the message
-Distribute the message.

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