Wednesday, July 30, 2014

YouTube Meet and Greet PH Part 3

I really do take a lot of pictures whenever I'm in an event. So here's the part three.

When I first saw these boys on tv I didn't really find them attractive. lol. But when I saw them in person... okay...uhhhmmm.. my view on them change.

The girls were really gushing over these boys.
A lucky fan got to chat with them while on stage.
This was really funny. Ramon and Jun wanted to be part of Chicser.
Yael now performs.
The first time I saw them performed was during my third or fourth year High School pa yata. Talk about my candy girl days. Yes, It was during a Candymag Anniversary.

I was calling him while he was playing his guitar on stage. hahaha. Wala lang.

Looks like his singing at the top of his lungs.. Joke!

Okay, this entry be continued.

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