Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My First Ever Official Foodie Meet Up.

Being a blogger definitely has a lot of perks and rewards. You just need to have a passion for a certain niche or anything in general for you to be able to write for it with sincerity. The online publishing industry is definitely on its high wave at these times. Last September 17, I was one of the lucky chosen blogger for Zomato foodie meet up at Vyne. Ohhh yes! I turned myself into a foodie. A foodie who loves to consume. The other kind of foodie is the one who makes the dish.
 With fellow bloggers. I was the only one without a SLR on our table. Oh well, I'll have my own in the future. My current trusted camera is a Canon IXUS. 
 We were asked to chose a food we like as warm up introduction and explain why. 
Zomato team giving welcome remarks.

Zomato giveaway

I haven't sorted the food pictures until now that's why my food blog isn't updated yet. A guy in this meet up seemed familiar to me. I think he was a former Candy cutie. His initials is K.A. hahaha. This post is relevant to my previous post because of Candymag. 

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