Monday, September 8, 2014

Shai Lagarde Style Stop

 If you are into fashion and blogging, this kind of workshop must be on your list. Going to non-sponsored event sometimes is more worth it than the opposite. I don't remember anymore how I learned or discovered about Love Chic. Probably, I was blog hopping or found this link via twitter a year ago. I have so many plans that day, So I started with going to her talk via brunch time. My other errands that day, I won't go into details anymore. 

I was late when I came to the talk. ha ha. I didn't know how she started. Shyyyeahh... sorry. In this moment, she was talking about the perks and rewards of running a blog.

What do you want to blog? Be particular with what niche you want to focus on blogging.
Who are you? You must have a clear representation of your blog. Just click the image above for better viewing.
*Be clear what you want to achieve with your blog. 
*Passion is top priority versus competition.

Candid shots of Shai's movements. I got reminded that day to have a social skills. 
We were asked to share what our blog is all about, blog url and why we are blogging.
Yes! Spotted Steven Silva. 

I wasn't able to buy because I'm saving for something. But she already gave an advised that she will be selling her pre-loved items beforehand. 
I want them all. lol. Too bad I couldn't purchase anything that day. I wanted a wide belt.

Thank you Shai for this free talk. Also for the reminders that everyone is nice but not everyone can be kind.

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