Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Infinity. A celebration of the Golden Life of Francis M. Part 1

It was more than a week ago when the Magalona family held this free concert for Francis M 50th birthday --- if he is still around by this time. It was also a tribute for the Master Rapper. In cooperation of DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines) MAGAZINE for Manila Photo Week and FMCC ( Francis M clothing ) and other sponsors this event was made possible.

FMCC shirts were sold that day at Samsung Hall.
FMCC Shirts
DJ from Jam 88.3 , sorry forgot his name.
from Pentax Philippines
Hardware Syndrome band

Frank and Elmo



Maxene Taking a picture

Saab and Maxx ... sisters!

 The Magalona Family

 Toni B
 She really has a powerful vocal.

They did a urban hip hop performance.

More photos with the performance of Cheats band up next. 

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