Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Infinity. A celebration of the Golden Life of Francis M. Part 2

I've been a fan of the Magalona fam since early college days. I always read Saab's blog through her blog spot platform back then. She was also my inspiration why I started blogging way back 2005. Her creativity and undeniably entertaining writing skill always make me wanna read her online diary. 
I attended their family tribute to Francis M last October 4 at SM Aura Samsung hall. There were great line up of performers.  
I think Saab's band, Cheats performed around 11 pm. I was surprised with their smooth and pleasant music. Hahaha! I don't check their YouTube account eh. 
They were really entertaining. I wish I do know the lyrics of their songs. Must make time to check out their music online.
After their performance I left the hall and went straight home. I didn't wait for Gloc-9's performance 'cos I've seen him performed at Candymag's fair years ago already. 

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