Friday, November 28, 2014

Paano Ba 'To? by Bianca Gonzalez

MEG magazine together with our Editor-in-Chief, Bianca Gonzalez (@iamsuperbianca) is very very excited to share with you our special project and collaboration as she shares her best life lessons and experiences in a fun and informative way with her book, "Paano Ba ‘To?! How To Survive Growing Up". It is dedicated to every girl in their teens, 20s, or even 30s, with questions about how to handle issues on family, friendship, love, career, fashion and beauty, self, and more! | In this book, she gives advice to real questions asked by young girls, list her personal and biggest life lessons, and she also got her celebrity friends to share their best life advice! This is the new must-read for growing up teens and young adults. #MEGreads

So to every MEG girl (and to every mom, ate, lola, or tita) reading this, please get a copy of "Paano Ba 'To?! How To Survive Growing Up"! | It will be available in the selected book stores this week! We are launching #PaanoBaTo with a book signing this Saturday, November 29, at National Bookstore in Glorietta 1. We hope to see you all there! Just keep following @megmagazine for more updates! #PaanoBaTo #MEGreads

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My very first Philippine Fashion Week Experience Part 1

I've been wanting to experience this fashion show years ago. Finally! I was able to witnessed the Spring Summer 2015 collections of Filipino Designers. It wrapped up  my week feeling awesome. Anyway,  I came there early. I just had a dinner at Yabu SM MOA. When I arrived in SMX, Human Clothing brand and Kashieca fashion show was ongoing. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Birthday Week - Photo Diary

Let's start this photo diary on the day I turned 26 years old. 

Mama and I went to SM Aura to look for accessories we will be wearing on a wedding. 
Forever 21 Accessories : Earrings, rings and a bracelet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

10/18 Part two

This is the second part of my gala last October 18. I didn't expect that it would made me feel or gave me an idea that it was going to be a humbling experience after attending this event. Why? Because most of the events I've been to were attended by young professionals or retired professionals from different field of industries. I witnessed some people advance in years who lined up while waiting for their turn to taste some of the different kinds of bread with different bread spreads. It turned out to be a family affair for some. It was my first time to experienced this kind of celebration. 

Gardenia Happy Bread Day! Bread City Passport

Breakfast Nook. 
This was part of the snack booth. Yes, that's ice cream on top.
Send in your Raffle tickets area. 
There was presentations from different universities.
Items I got to take home. I didn't go to all the booth eh.

Before heading home, I went to BHS Central square to get this Porefessional sample from Benefit Cosmetics.
I went to Planetsports BGC to exchange an item I got that week for another size. Burn. I didn't get the right size for me. You've seen my ig post of my shopping bag


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

BDJ Fair 2014. Live It Up!

I was supposed to be part of the Scavenger Hunt that day, October 19, 2014 which I wanted to be part of again for the second time but I was late. I think you noticed how many events I've been to wherein I didn't come on time . LOL. Seriously, there were just some unfortunate events happened before I arrived where I needed to be early occurred. Palusot!

Anyway, this BDJ Fair was my second time. It could have been my third experience. My supposed to be first time happened when some things needed to be settled. Ang drama naman. lol. I invited some of my former classmates from my Technical school but they weren't available that day. I'm thankful for some acquaintances though. At least, I have someone to talk to or chit-chat in a bit. 

The first booth I went to was the TGIFRIDAYS booth. I've been hearing and wondering what Mojito tastes like. Yes, it was my first time to drink up a Mojito that day. At the left side of this booth was Fit For Fashion booth. I didn't get any freebie because part of the their contest mechanics was to post your own selfie photo on Facebook. I didn't have my pocket wifi with me and I was connecting to SM WiFi. The only app or social media account working/ connecting via my mobile tab was Instagram. 
Met Ate Sheera again after a thousand years. Last year, she was my buddy too at the event. Glad to see her again. I didn't try this zip line. I think I was not on the mood. I find the area not appropriate for this kind of activity.

Hello daw :)))

10/18 First Part

Since it was my birthday month, I wanted to go to different events. Hindi lang naman basta gala or lakwatsa but for experience as well. 
First, on my list to-go to that day was at Heima Brixton. There was an ongoing bazaar that day called Paper Stories. I like going to that place because they are filled of interesting stuff in line with arts, interiors and designs. I brought this two note booklet doodle for Php 150 by The Lunchbreak Project. If you are into drawing and can't bring a big bag with you for some reason but needed to keep in track of inspirations you've seen around that day, then, this doodle note booklet is perfect for you. 

I stayed there for awhile only. I saw some pens for calligraphy but I was on a short budget that day so I didn't purchase. 

My next agenda, G stuff anniversary sale at Powerplant Mall. I needed to replenished my Healing Salt Crystal. There were lots of interesting items added with the product lines of G stuff. 

G Stuff Sun Protect Lotion with SPF 36. 
G Stuff Lip Scrub
Modern Essentials Book
G Stuff Virgin Coconut Oil

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014. My second time around.

I came from San Marino event before I went here. I walked from Mercato to SM Aura. Yes, I did.  Talk about practicality. I don't have a car as of now. I know BGC area very much. I didn't witness the part on how people from the press interviewed Daniel Matsunaga while in Mercato. I left around 3 pm. My agenda in attending the Blogapalooza was to look at  Maxene Magalona closer than I saw  her at the concert of FMCC.

So, I was able to looked at her closer than the concert. She was at the Flawless booth when I arrived. Kaya lang she was about to leave the booth when I came in. I was still glad to see her face. She was wearing a nice pretty floral skirt. I was also looking forward that day to see Michele Gumabao in person.

While roaming around, I saw some blogger acquaintances. They were with their family.  Some of them were with a special someone, Some of them were with their best friend. Some of them were with their kids. It was said in the invitation or registration confirmation that I can bring a plus one. I told my sister days ago about this event and asked her to accompany me. But San Marino event invitation came in... I told her na ako na lang. I didn't know how to settle. When I arrived at home, I told her that If we went to Mercato together she will complain a lot about how hot it was at the area.

Anyway, going back to Blogapalooza event, the first booth I participated in was the Zion WiFi. There were keys and chains of locks on the wall of the booth area. The contest mechanics was to unlock just one padlock to get a prize. Luckily in just one picked up of  a key in a bowl of keys I easily opened a padlock. There was a time limit. I won a gc from Solstice Spa. I don't know If when I will get to use it. The Spa is located in QC. I live in the South. So I might just give it away to someone who lives in QC. My first ever photo taken in one of the Blogapalooza booth was taken from Zion booth.

I stayed at the event until six pm. Ate Aci won a lot of prizes from the exhibitors via instagram contests post. Next year, I must really go with a buddy. 

I went home with these bags.
Flawless kits and Jergens giveaway. I didn't sign up for Jergens 7 days challenge.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Press release: Teen Week PH 2014

#TeenWeekPH 2014 For Teens, By Teens!

            On its second year, #TeenWeekPH promises to be even bigger and more exciting, as it goes to 250 schools nationwide to power up future-ready teens.

Last September 26, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 2 in SM Aura, Unilever kicked-off #TeenWeekPH 2014. Geared towards educating and motivating teens on the importance of self-esteem, confidence, friendships and hygiene habits, #TeenWeek Year 1 was launched in 2013. Since then, the team behind it has gone a long way, crafting the biggest teen event of the year, made for teens and by teens!

Teenweek PH President, Mar Corazo
Unilever Head of PR, Apples Aberin

#TeenWeekPH was created to provide teens with positive reinforcement and faculties that will encourage them to aim high, pushing them to be future-ready, and the best teens they can possibly be. Based on research conducted before and after #TeenweekPH 2013, which reached a total of four million teens, the program truly improved the participants’ personal care and hygiene habits, converting up to 58% of non-users to users of personal care products, and increasing usage frequency of current users by up to five times.
Yeng Constantino giving teens a surprised performance
Ponds' girls Tricia Gosingtian, Patricia Prieto and Kryz Uy

“#TeenWeekPH was created to empower Filipino teens to be ready for the future by teaching them the value of personal care and hygiene to their overall confidence,” Gina Lorenzana, Head of Personal Care for Unilever said. “This year, we wanted it to be even bigger, expanding our reach to seven million teens across the country.”

Celebrity teenfluencers leading the pledge to become future ready teens
Celebrity teenfluencers celebrating the TeenWeek PH 2014
Binibining Pilipinas girls and Cream Silk Ambassadors inspiring all teens to be future ready. 

Key youth leaders and teen influencers were also in attendance during the launch to help inspire teens. Some of them include Elmo Magalona, Coleen Garcia, James and Phil Younghusband, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Tricia Gosingtian, Nicole Andersson, Patricia Prieto, Verniece Enciso, along with the 2014 winners of Binibining Pilipinas, Ms. Tourism, Parul Shah, Ms. International, Bianca Guidotti, Ms. Supranational, Yvethe Santiago, Ms. Intercontinental, Kris Janson, and Ms. Universe, MJ Lastimosa.  PBB Stars, Axel Torres, Vikki Rushton, Fourth and Fifth Pagotan, Manolo Pedrosa, and Maris Stellar also took part in the day’s exciting activities!

 Celebrity teenfluencers coming together to inspire teens to be future ready. Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Nicole Andersson, Verniece Enciso, James and Phil Younghusband.

PBB Teens Fourth Pagota, Mariz Stellar, Fifth Pagota, Vickie Rushton and Axel Torres.
Binibining Pilipinas and Cream Silk Ambassadors
 Clear men ambassadors Phil and James Younghusband
 Rexona Do More ambassadors Laureen and Elmo did their pasimple moves
Tricia, Patricia and Kryz

“Because we wanted to truly make the campaign for teens and by teens, this year’s topics were developed with the help of the teens through a crowd sourcing activity done on the #TeenWeekPH Facebook page,” shared Mar Corazo, #TeenWeekPH Project Head and Rexona Brand Manager. “Through this, we gave teens the opportunity to have a say and choose what activities they would like to happen in this year’s #TeenWeekPH.”

To start off the week, #MoveUpMonday will focus on the different physical and emotional changes that adolescence brings, and ultimately get teens to declare why they are a proud Pinoy Teen. #TransformTuesday touches on beauty and self-esteem. #WorkItWednesday is dedicated to showing teens how to build confidence and hone their talents so that they can use it for their future, while #ThinkBigThursday will be on pursuing their passions, dreaming big and chasing their dreams. Lastly, #FutureFriday will be about forging lasting friendships and building relationships, proving that the bonds developed during the teenage years can last a lifetime.

Further developing the reach and impact of #TeenWeekPH, educational modules, co-created in 2013 with DepEd consultants and Teen Experts, will be deployed to each of the participating schools and will also include a five-episode series that tackles different teen topics. These videos will be shown in schools, along with a simultaneous airing on MYX from September 29-October 3, thereby reaching more teens all over the Philippines.

To culminate this exciting week for teens, on #FutureFriday, #TeenweekPH is also creating the biggest virtual hangout in the country, allowing students from different high schools to interact with their teen idols and role models.

In partnership with the Department of Education, Unilever headed this campaign with their leading brands Pond’s, Cream Silk and Rexona, along with the participation of brands such as Clear, Close Up, and Master. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

San Marino Tuna Flakes What's New What's Next Fair

It was a fine sunny Saturday morning when the San Marino team opened their door for a fun filled and thrilling activities for the members of the press and other people from the media last October 11, 2014 at Mercato Centrale. 
I rode a BGC bus from Market!Market and just walked from S&R going to Mercato. 
Trapeze. I was very excited to try it out when I first saw it in the area. I almost forgot that I brought my jeans with me before I left home because my mind was occupied with looking for the other fellow bloggers I have invited. While waiting and looking around, Ate Nina approached my table. We got to know each other from there. When we were chatting, some of the people from San Marino team approached us to have a photo taken with them. 
Tadah! Taken from Ate Nina's IG account. Thank you for this photo. 

My Food Blog

Do check out my food blog if you ran out of idea what blog to look at. LOL. I still need to utilize it tho and change the layout. Perhaps, a food and fitness blog soon.