Wednesday, November 12, 2014

10/18 First Part

Since it was my birthday month, I wanted to go to different events. Hindi lang naman basta gala or lakwatsa but for experience as well. 
First, on my list to-go to that day was at Heima Brixton. There was an ongoing bazaar that day called Paper Stories. I like going to that place because they are filled of interesting stuff in line with arts, interiors and designs. I brought this two note booklet doodle for Php 150 by The Lunchbreak Project. If you are into drawing and can't bring a big bag with you for some reason but needed to keep in track of inspirations you've seen around that day, then, this doodle note booklet is perfect for you. 

I stayed there for awhile only. I saw some pens for calligraphy but I was on a short budget that day so I didn't purchase. 

My next agenda, G stuff anniversary sale at Powerplant Mall. I needed to replenished my Healing Salt Crystal. There were lots of interesting items added with the product lines of G stuff. 

G Stuff Sun Protect Lotion with SPF 36. 
G Stuff Lip Scrub
Modern Essentials Book
G Stuff Virgin Coconut Oil

G Stuff Peanuts

G Stuff Taro Chips

G stuff gift items
This is really cute. I wanted to buy this but I didn't. It was not on my to buy list. G Stuff Dog Shampoo.

G Stuff cleaner solution liquid

Sparitual Nail Polish collection. These nail polishes were really costly.
G Stuff Body and Beauty product items. Just discovered that the soap I bought last year is now in a tin packaging. 

G Stuff Mosquito Repellent Oil Spray and G Stuff Baby Massage Oil.

These weave basket bags were also on sale that day. The costs is Php 250. 

Bayanijuan was part of the exhibit sale. I think this line is now under G Stuff. 

Purses and necklaces

Now, for some low carb happiness, Gluten free cupcakes.

Actually, I only bought two items. Taro Chips and Healing Salt Crystal. I always rely with Healing Crystal Salt  whenever I need a solution for mouth problems.

Congratulations G Stuff on your Anniversary!

My post about my first time purchasing  G Stuff here.

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