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BDJ Fair 2014. Live It Up!

I was supposed to be part of the Scavenger Hunt that day, October 19, 2014 which I wanted to be part of again for the second time but I was late. I think you noticed how many events I've been to wherein I didn't come on time . LOL. Seriously, there were just some unfortunate events happened before I arrived where I needed to be early occurred. Palusot!

Anyway, this BDJ Fair was my second time. It could have been my third experience. My supposed to be first time happened when some things needed to be settled. Ang drama naman. lol. I invited some of my former classmates from my Technical school but they weren't available that day. I'm thankful for some acquaintances though. At least, I have someone to talk to or chit-chat in a bit. 

The first booth I went to was the TGIFRIDAYS booth. I've been hearing and wondering what Mojito tastes like. Yes, it was my first time to drink up a Mojito that day. At the left side of this booth was Fit For Fashion booth. I didn't get any freebie because part of the their contest mechanics was to post your own selfie photo on Facebook. I didn't have my pocket wifi with me and I was connecting to SM WiFi. The only app or social media account working/ connecting via my mobile tab was Instagram. 
Met Ate Sheera again after a thousand years. Last year, she was my buddy too at the event. Glad to see her again. I didn't try this zip line. I think I was not on the mood. I find the area not appropriate for this kind of activity.

Hello daw :)))
I went to SM Parisian booth, Goody booth, Pet Express booth, Ponds, Spectrum Med, Davines booth and Subic Resort Grand Seas where I won at overnight stay in their hotel valid until February 2015. 

I tried to have some glam done at Revlon but the lines was so long and Status Salon too. I tried to have my hair done too at My Amazing Blow dry booth too but I was so impatient. 

There was a mob dance by the volunteers before the first Talk started. It was a sign that the afternoon program is about to begin.

First Talk I signed up for was by Tricia Gosingtian for Ponds. 
Create You Own #BeautifulStory

I'm not sure If she remembered me from Teen week event. She actually handed me her camera at Teen week when I asked her If I could took a photo of her and Patricia Prieto. 
She shared how she started in photography and how it went along the way to digital fashion. She shared her travel experiences. I love her photo when she was a kid in a lobster costume.
Tracy Abad was the host by the way. Here in this photo, they were entertaining a question from a fellow bella.

The Second Talk that I signed up for was by Sir Edric Mendoza. He is a financial guru. At my age, I need to be financially wise and be more smart with money allocations. 
Sorry. This was the only solo photo of him I have taken. I was in the front seat. We don't have ANC Channel on our current cable as of now. But I used to watched ANC Shop Talk on our very first cable subscription two or three years ago. 

I would like to share what I've learned from his talk.

1. Climb up the right mountain or Create a Goal. Sorry I was confused which is which the right title of the first key point. In here, remember these:

-How Much?
Obviously, its about what step to take and go for in order to start your financial goal. Think about the earnings with your career or business to start up.

2. Set up a Budget

Example given: Celebrity couple needs to keep working. Yes, he told us this story of celebrity couple who earn big in their industry but still lack financial freedom.

Do not spend more than what you're earning.

3. How Much you save & invest.
E.G Ditas Comoda, millionaire secretary.  How she sent her children to school to meet both ends. sorry kulang sa details.

4. Surround yourself with better than you. 

E.g was Maita Tan at the age of 11 years old was eager to learn about investment.

Mister Mendoza let his son Elijah shared the spotlight for us to learn more about the Financial topic. It felt like I went to Sunday service after the longest time of not attending. 

1. Work Hard to earn money
2. Good stewardship applies to everything.
3. To give. To bless others just as God blessed you.

Elijah, Edric and Tracy during a Q&A portion.

Sir Edric told us about the site
and to check out the Facebook page of his program on ANC. I couldn't find it yet until now.

That's a wrap for the talks I signed up in the program. Meanwhile, while still in the BDJ Fair area...

Shera and this dog

Me and Pau
Me and Shera

Me, Shera and Pau

I stayed in the event until the last Talk. Some of the Bellas went home already so there were some free seats available. I wanted to hear Isha Andaya-Valles talk because I dreamt of working in a magazine publishing company when I was much younger. I mean I'm not that old though. I'm talking about college years.
Her Talk was entitled Seasons of Style by the BDJ team but she changed it to 10 Excuses we Make to Avoid Being Stylish.

1. I have no time.
2. I'm tired.
3. I'd rather spend my money on my family, home,.. etcetera.
4. I can't afford it.
5.Nothing fits.
6. I have nothing to wear.
7. It doesn't suit my work and lifestyle.
8. You don't know how...
9. I'm too old...
10. I don't care.

she also added why you should keep yourself stylish:
a. self-esteem
b. make an impression.


Part of the event was a fashion show by Wrangler.
There was a presentation by the TGIFRIDAYS too. It was really fun to watch when you were there.

Thank you Pet Express for these.

Thank for all the generous sponsors of BDJ Fair 2014. 

Sign up now and join the community

P.S I didn't buy the planner for 2015 yet during the event.

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