Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014. My second time around.

I came from San Marino event before I went here. I walked from Mercato to SM Aura. Yes, I did.  Talk about practicality. I don't have a car as of now. I know BGC area very much. I didn't witness the part on how people from the press interviewed Daniel Matsunaga while in Mercato. I left around 3 pm. My agenda in attending the Blogapalooza was to look at  Maxene Magalona closer than I saw  her at the concert of FMCC.

So, I was able to looked at her closer than the concert. She was at the Flawless booth when I arrived. Kaya lang she was about to leave the booth when I came in. I was still glad to see her face. She was wearing a nice pretty floral skirt. I was also looking forward that day to see Michele Gumabao in person.

While roaming around, I saw some blogger acquaintances. They were with their family.  Some of them were with a special someone, Some of them were with their best friend. Some of them were with their kids. It was said in the invitation or registration confirmation that I can bring a plus one. I told my sister days ago about this event and asked her to accompany me. But San Marino event invitation came in... I told her na ako na lang. I didn't know how to settle. When I arrived at home, I told her that If we went to Mercato together she will complain a lot about how hot it was at the area.

Anyway, going back to Blogapalooza event, the first booth I participated in was the Zion WiFi. There were keys and chains of locks on the wall of the booth area. The contest mechanics was to unlock just one padlock to get a prize. Luckily in just one picked up of  a key in a bowl of keys I easily opened a padlock. There was a time limit. I won a gc from Solstice Spa. I don't know If when I will get to use it. The Spa is located in QC. I live in the South. So I might just give it away to someone who lives in QC. My first ever photo taken in one of the Blogapalooza booth was taken from Zion booth.

I stayed at the event until six pm. Ate Aci won a lot of prizes from the exhibitors via instagram contests post. Next year, I must really go with a buddy. 

I went home with these bags.
Flawless kits and Jergens giveaway. I didn't sign up for Jergens 7 days challenge.

Ace Water Spa.
Easy Taxi giveaway. This gc from Tony & Jackey is not valid anymore. It is stated in the gc description that the validity was only until September. 
Best booth ever. Oh well, for me. Acer Explore Worldwide campaign.
House of Lasagna
Crocs. I wasn't able to try the foot analysis ... whatever it was called. The staff were busy when I went there.
Maxicare. Thank you for this stress ball.
Ideal Vision
Look It's About Me and Gc from Eatoutmanila. The gc was worth of 1k dine at Murray & D'vine. 
Zing Rewards, Holy Crab, Touch Pay, Henry's Professional
Nice Day coffee sachets, Slenda, Ampalaya supplements for diabetes
My shopping box.
Loot items from AMPR AGENCY. 
Canon loot bag items. A shirt, travel diary photo journal notebook, press release articles and an I.D name tag. 

I didn't go to or participated in Dyson, Zomato, Globe, Chooks to go and View Park hotel booths for some reason. 

Thank you WhenInManila and OurAwesomePlanet for this event :))))))

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