Thursday, November 6, 2014

San Marino Tuna Flakes What's New What's Next Fair

It was a fine sunny Saturday morning when the San Marino team opened their door for a fun filled and thrilling activities for the members of the press and other people from the media last October 11, 2014 at Mercato Centrale. 
I rode a BGC bus from Market!Market and just walked from S&R going to Mercato. 
Trapeze. I was very excited to try it out when I first saw it in the area. I almost forgot that I brought my jeans with me before I left home because my mind was occupied with looking for the other fellow bloggers I have invited. While waiting and looking around, Ate Nina approached my table. We got to know each other from there. When we were chatting, some of the people from San Marino team approached us to have a photo taken with them. 
Tadah! Taken from Ate Nina's IG account. Thank you for this photo. 

Out of 7 or 8 people who I invited for this event only one came. She is Michelle. We follow each other on IG. We were acquainted at Teenweek. She and Miss Kathy are friends. Miss Kathy invited me to the Rexona run press launch and Teen Week kick off party. The world of Bloggers is small. I left them and went on my way to the Trapeze. 

I was with Ate Ria Hazel barkada in the Trapeze area. Check out my first trapeze experience here. I was told to form a perfect seven before going down holding up the rope. Hindi nakatuwad. ha ha. 

Me going up.
This guy is familiar 'cos I am a loyal ABS-CBN audience. I knew he used to act on tv before. Yeah, that topless guy. 
Trapeze staff. They were kind.
Hosts: Katz Salao and Nikko Ramos
San Marino Tuna on top these breads.
Arianna Dormitorio. Young professional cyclist. She is another ambassador of San Marino.

After Arianna was interviewed by the hosts, Daniel Matsunaga was called and did some Capoeira. 

Daniel Matsunaga shared his tips on how to get fit aside from exercise or working out is a proper diet. 
There was a raffle and this guy won the biggest prize which is an IPad Air. My name was called up too. I won gift certificates from Planets sports. Yahhhhoooo!!!!!!
Arianna, Ginger Conejero, Bubbles Paraiso, Dani Barretto, Marc Nelson, Daniel, Phoemela Barranda, Divine Lee, Arnold van Opstal, Victor Basa, Jeron and Jeric Teng. 

David Guison and Lissa Kahayon joined the stage for this photo op.
This time with the President of San Marino team or Foodsphere Inc. I remember from my internship years ago about Foodsphere Inc. 

The President had a speech before this photo was taken. I remember that their company vision was to create, innovate and uplift.

People went out of the Mercato tent. There was a performance by the Trapeze people. Sorry no photo of video. 

I wanted to try the Wall climbing for the second time but they held me back. Because they said that it will open again later.

Wall climbing. 
Velcro wall

Thank you Foodsphere Inc and Planetsports for this. Had a great time. 


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