Monday, December 1, 2014

My First ever Philippine Fashion Week experience Part 2.

Joey Espino

Opening the show with a captivating, touching video on promoting peace in the Bangsamoro, Arnold Galang's new I am for Peace collection was a contemporary yet symbolic presentation for Spring Summer 2015. With silhouettes and separates that pay homage to the shape and cuts of the traditional baro't saya (but done in a chic, minimalist way), Arnold's pieces were vibrantly printed and at times, surprisingly embellished. Seemingly contrasting elements reflected his fashion edict that harmony can exist despite seemingly opposing details, creating a playfully modern look, but with a deeply relevant voice.
Arnold Galang creations

Can you spot Miss Ces Drilon?
Just showing up how hard it was to capture a photo of a model from far section. I'm just a post-and-shoot user and need to zoom my camera lens to be able to get focus shot.
Mr. Arnold Galang

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