Thursday, December 18, 2014

My First Philippine Fashion Week Experience Part 3.1

With his trademark hand at luxury pieces, Cherry Samuya Veric followed with his stunningly-crafted collection entitled Svelte. True to his collection's name, Cherry's pieces were sultry and sexy - close-to-the-body silhouettes were abound, detailed with glitz and sparkle in predominantly nude and scarlet hues. Coupled with hand-embossed metal filigree belts, Cherry's pieces (both the meticulously-detailed ones, and the sleek, contemporary solids that made an appearance in his collection as well) gave his series an artfully rich edge. To close his segment, beauty queens Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup glided down the runways in ethereally-voluminous numbers, followed by Cherry's breathtaking finale: a floor-length number made entirely of golden hand-embossed tiles. 

Just showing up unedited photos I've taken during the fashion week. It was really hard to capture models on the runway when you're not part of the VIP or front seat. 

I tried to zoom my camera lens. This is what I got. I usually take pictures holding the camera  by horizontal.

I realized that I could capture a good photo by holding or positioning the camera vertically. Look how beautiful that gown is. Simple yet elegant. 

I didn't know that it was Venus Raj (below photo). I think I need to wear eyeglasses now. Just learned that it was Venus Raj via Instagram.

I didn't also realized that it was Shamcey Supsup on the runway.
I think the model in front is a model veteran. I saw her pictures on different magazine spreads years ago. 

That's a wrap for Cherry Samuya Veric. Now, Eric delos Santos' collection.
Everyone loves this dress.

Continuation next. 

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