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Manila Tour: Hotel Hopping Experience Part 1. Mabini Pension House and Lotus Garden Hotel

Thank you to EMBOA for this once in  a lifetime experience. I don't think I will experience this hotel/stay-cation hopping by my own free will and plan at this stage of my lifetime because of busyness and my duties/responsibilities to my family back home.

Once again, for those who don't know what is EMBOA? Ermita-Malate Business Owners Association Inc. (EMBOA). The association was formed to bring together business owners who are passionate about revitalizing and uplifting the Ermita-Malate area. 

The first place we visited was Mabini Pension. Let's define what is a Pension House first. According to Wikipedia ---  A Pension House is a type of guest house or boarding house. This term is typically used in Continental European countries, in areas of North Africa and the Middle East that formerly had large European expatriate populations, and in some parts of South America such as Brazil and Paraguay. Pensions can also be found in South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.
In contrast to bed and breakfasts, more usual in the United States, pensions typically offer not only breakfast, but also lunch,dinner and sometimes even tea. Rather than paying for the room and each meal separately, guests select a plan which either comprises overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner (full pension) or the preceding minus the lunch.
These small businesses may offer special rates for travellers staying longer than a week, may be located in historic buildings, can be family-run, and are generally cheaper than other lodgings, such as hotels, although they offer more limited services.

Mabini Pension "A Home Away From Home"

Room Category

Easy Bed Room -                               P 680/ P 780/ P 880
Superior Room -                                P 1,800
Twin Beds w/ AC, TV, Bath -          P 1,500
Double Beds w/ AC, TV, Bath         P 1,300
Extra Person/ Bed                             P    350
Aircon w/ TV, share bath                  P 1,100

* check-in time anytime if room are available
*check-out time is 12:00 noon
* additional hours until 6 pm we charge half day
*advance payment upon check-in

Showing off what can you expect when you get in the place. 
Reception area
Mabini Pension Hallway or pasilyo in tagalog. 
A painting display on one of their wall and chairs. The wooden chair reminds me of a chair we had when I was little.
The place is very safe to stay in as you can see there's hanging clothes area after washed clothes during your stay here in Mabini Pension.

Additional Info:

Breakfast available upon request:

1. American Breakfast - 2 pcs. egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, boiled egg, bacon, bread jam, butter, coffee or tea.
P 200.

2. Breakfast - 2 pcs. egg, fried egg, scrambled egg, boiled egg, toast bread, jam, butter, coffee or tea.
P 150

3. Small Breakfast - 2 pcs. Bread, jam, butter, coffee or tea.

Free Wifi

 Mabini Pension is located at 1337 A. Mabini St. Ermita, Manila
Contact Numbers:
0905-493 0786
0928-777 0627
(+632) 523-3930/ 524-5404

Email Address:

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Real Living launches its RL Style Talks, A series of panel discussion on design with industry experts

Co-presented by Wilcon Depot and GMA News TV's Home Base, to kick-off the start of Season 14 of the popular home-related series, the first of the RL Style Talks series gathered three industry experts that discussed Modern Filipino design and examined how the nation's growing list of renowed architects, interior designers, and furniture makers were helping revolutionize the Filipino design aesthetic today. The panelists were and furniture designer and design educator Wilan Dayrit, designer Grace Morales, and James Razo.

Associate Publisher of Real Living Magazine, Tom Castaneda with Rachelle Medina and Home Base producer Marnie Manicad. 
Tom Castaneda with James Razo, Grace Morales and Wilan Dayrit. 

"At Home Base we featured a lot of Filipino inspired homes. And going into the next level, we also aired stories about modern Filipino homes, by Architect Royal Pineda and Budji Layug. In line with this, we feel that Home Base allows its viewers to embrace not only the Filipino designs but our indigenous materials as well," said Marnie Manicad, Executive Producer and Director of GMA News TV's Home Base.

"Bright newcomers like our featured panelists are doing their part to make sure the Philippines continues to earn acclaim locallyand internationally as a design hub. Our RL Style Talks program will celebrate Filipino artistry and design at its best, offering further evidence of the Philippines' growing influence as a design authority," says Real Living's associate publisher Tom Castaneda.

Real Living aims to celebrate the nation's growing status as a design hub by launching its RL Style Talks program, a seties of special panel discussions on the state of design in the Philippines.

"Wilcon has laid a firm foundation in the industry for almost four decades now with the help of our industry and media partners. Having started a partnership with Homebase three years ago and with Real Living last year, Wilcon is looking forward to more years of continuous synergy in informing and bringing clients the newest and best products and services in the market," says Rosemarie Ong, COO of Wilcon.

"RL Talks is an opportunity for our readers and viewers to get to learn about the secrets of design in an attainable and easy-to-understand way," says Rachelle Medina, editor-in-chief of Real Living. "It's a chance to know how our designers think and work, and also how trends and styles are created."

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

TOP PICK presents Own Christmas! A pre-holiday blogger's workshop.

This post has been in my draft for weeks na. The gathering happened last November 25, 2015 at Green Sun. Here's a photo blog entry.
I was just a proxy for  a fellow blogger Ate Lani.
We were treated to a buffet dinner by Green Sun chef.
Mister Archie Zapanta was the host that night.
Miss Elna De Guzman of Top Pick Advertising welcomed us.

Miss Tracy de Las Llagas for the gift wrapping techniques workshop.
Christmas gift wrapping by Miss Tracy and fellow blogger.
Basically you need:
- Gift wrapper (e.g cellophane and printed paper wrappers)
- Scotch tape
- Bow
- Wire

I wish there was a videographer during the demo. Although Miss Tracy was demonstrating it with explanations. But viewing it on a screen would be better.
Some techniques shared were tightening of ribbon to make it more artsy, adding ornaments, adding small christmas ball as a centerpiece of the tie, volumizing a wrapper of the cellophane..

I also learned that the sinamay of a bouquet of flowers can be used. So ladies when you received one keep the sinamay fabric.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Sure, I enjoy posting press releases and getting some certain tokens after. But this blog is not a trash bin for press release posts only. Its purpose from the start was to promote local products but because I enjoyed new things accompanied by experiences brought by different brands that were not local and publicity relations companies, it lost its track. I've said this before. I can't just accommodate every press release sent to me. I'd like to put those in my interests like music, gadget, fashion and beauty. Of course! I have to be related with the topics. I'm not a Mommy Blogger but sure there's a kid at heart in me. So screening is necessary. 

I am running a 3 blogs right now. I just started a beauty blog and want to inclined fashion in it. There's a voice in every soul that you want to document yourself as you age.

 I hope PR people will see that you can't publish every press release they sent. 

EL REAL. A spaghealthy Goodness For The Holiday

Every Christmas, our Moms always prepare something special for Noche Buena and make the Christmas table festive as possible.   The Christmas table will never be complete without the Christmas ham, chicken, and pasta dishes like spaghetti and macaroni salad.

However, with the growing awareness and trend on health and wellness, Moms look for healthy alternative dishes that they can serve to their family.  They look for food that are low calorie, high-fiber and rich in vitamins, but still a delectable dish that their family can enjoy.

El Real has long responded to the healthy needs of wise, practical moms with the offering of El Real Healthy Spaghetti.  EL Real Healthy Spaghetti is the first naturally healthy spaghetti in the local market that is made with real Malunggay and Carrot bits.It is high in fiber because it has Durum Wheat Semolina, has 0% Cholesterol, 0% Trans Fat and has Vitamin A, C and Calcium.  What’s more is that, it has no veggie taste that your kids will surely love.

EL REAL Spaghetti and Macaroni are quality products of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), that offers real good, real firm and real affordable pasta products that allow moms to show her real love to her family through REAL SARAP pasta dishes.

El Real Healthy Spaghetti is available in your favorite supermarkets and groceries for only P 44.00 (500 g) and P 70.00 (1 kg).  So turn your pasta dishes into spaghealthy goodness with El Real Healthy Spaghetti.  Because REAL Moms make REAL Choices for the family’s REAL Goodness and serve only REAL Sarap pasta dishes.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fitness First New You Achievement Overall Winner 2015

Demo Valmores, this year's Fitness First New You Achievement Award Over all winner lost a love and found another that didn't love him back. After ending a relationship, Demo packed his bags and went to La Union and did some soul searching. He fell in love with surfing and wanted to pursue it. However given the condition he was in, he was unable to keep up with the physically and mentally demanding sport. 

He knew that he needed to train at the club to help him gain strength and improve his balance. His personal trainer customized a workout program to prepare him before he hits the waves. They did a series of exercises on Demo's indo board to improve his balance. Body Combat and Body Plump classes were thrown into the mix together with weight lifting routines to work on  his core. 

Ever diligent in attending his weekday core training at Fitness First, he gradually built his strength and became increasingly confident to hit the waves during weekends. In less than 2 years of continuous training, Demo truly transformed and has become the multi-awarded winner that he is now, representing the country in local and international competitions. He has proven to the surfing community that gym training is pivotal to a surfer's success.
"We chose Demo because he was able to make a real difference in his personal life as well as his ability to inspire others to do the same. His exceptional achievement is a testament to the fact that anyone can change and achieve their personal goals with the right attitude and behavior. It takes a lot of discipline, determination and hard work but it certainly can be done. We've seen it countless times over the years and will definitely continue to see more." Eric Seegers, National Fitness Manager of Fitness First Philippines. " We are proud to announce Demo Valmores as the 2015 New You Achievement Award Overall winner."

Fitness First New You Achievement Awards 2015

The Challenge of the NYAA 2015

November 26, 2015 at Chaos, City of Dreams Manila

Staying true to Fitness First's vision of making a difference to the individuals and communities they live among, the company annually holds the New You Achievement Awards (NYAA). This much-anticipated event is a celebration of the members' outstanding achievements throughout the year. 

Now on its 7th year, the awards recognize significant fitness milestones that are classified into six categories.These categories are Health, Strength, Shape, Sports, Open and Staff.

Heart-pumping performance to begin the program.

Host of the night was Paolo Abrera.
The nominees. 
Mark Ellis, Jaymie Pizarro, Sheree Bautista and ..hmmm..sorry forgot the name of the man.

All the winners of six categories.

Health Category acknowledges members who were able to improve their well-being and used training to help overcome an illness or injury. 

Winner - Prince Chong. At 260 lbs, Prince was diagnosed with severe obesity and gout due to high levels of uric acid 2 years ago. Training with Fitness First for close to 2 years, he is now at 160 lbs and no longer has gout. Prince has become more confident, sociable, and much happier.

Strength Category -  finalists who have successfully achieved their goal of building muscle mass.

Winner - Erwin Temporal. His story of strength goes beyond muscles. Before joining Fitness First, he was a long-haired estrogen-using cross-dresser who had high cholesterol and sugar levels and was diagnosed to be clinically depressed. He had a mishap in the salon one day which caused him to lose his hair and from then decided to change his persona. He started committing to be fit and worked out regularly at the club. From 110 lbs, he's now at 142, and from 22% body fat, his is now 16%. 

Shape Category - those who have achieved their goal of weight reduction. 

Winner - Gretchen Sarsaba. Gretchen used to have very low self-esteem because of her being overweight. It didn't help that her Mom is very gorgeous and fit, always being compared to her. When she graduated from college, nobody wanted to hire her because of her physical appearance. In 2014, she finally decided to make a change for the better.

Sports Category - for members who found a passion for a sport or trained for a specific sporting event.

Winner - Demo Valmores. Demo has been training for 2 years now. His journey started with a broken heart, which, as he said, is the same case for every surfer. He went on a sabbatical leave to go to La Union and try to find himself again. When he started surfing, he didn't have the stamina for this physically demanding sport. He soon realized that he needed to gain strength and improve his balance. Demo's persona; trainer customized sessions for him and now he is an award-winning surfer.

Open Category - an added category for members who achieve their transformation without necessarily undergoing regular training with a personal trainer. 

Winner -  Manu Reyes. Manu's is a story of second chances. By profession, he is a pastor and health trainer who used prohibited substances to enhance his appearance. This year is a year of enlightenment as he decided to clean up his act and train without the aid of substances. It was a long and arduous journey to self discipline that naturally paid off.

Staff Category  - recognizes employees who have used their employment at Fitness First to improve their health and fitness.

Winner - Biondi Santi. Biondi has been employed at Fitness First Metro East for 4 years. Being overweight runs in the family, with everyone either obese pr overweight. It was a real life struggle to go against his natural predisposition. He believes that lifestyle habits are the only thing hereditary and became committed to a total lifestyle change. He also encouraged the rest of his family members to take a step towards a filter and healthier life. 

These are the inspirational stories of the 6 finalists. All have worked tirelessly to transform and become better versions of themselves. In the end, one emerges to become the overall winner. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bloggys 2015. Just a Photo Blog entry.

I came in late that night. I came from Healthy Skin Beauty in full bloom event. Okay lang yun. I was not even part of the nominees. When I asked fellow bloggers weeks and days before the award night, mostly said "Makikigulo lang". haha!
 Awarding for the best beauty and fashion blogs na naabutan ko when I went to the stage and audience area. 
 Maputing cooking was the host.

 Miss Cindy and Miss Bette

 I'm not a pro when it comes to posing. lelz!
Cocktail area. Food ran out of supply. haha. 
Stuff I got from the sponsors. Obviously I missed some. I didn't bother going to some booths. :p

Monday, November 30, 2015

Blogger Babes Asia Launch. Last Part.

Dana Decena
I don't really see myself doing video-blogging or vlogging. I'm not talkative. I've learned about vlogging through candymag years ago. I think it has been more than a decade when vlogging started. The title of this talk was "Taking a Step Towards Vlogging. The speakers were Dana Decena and Cristina Decena. I wouldn't knew them If this event didn't happen. They are behind the Youtube: Partners in Vogue . 

Things I learned from Dana:

-We should disclose that a brand we're using was sponsored to give credit to the brand. Be flexible with rates.
-Bring a business card when attending events. 
-Never open a loot bag because you cannot hide your facial reaction. 

Verniece and Vern, Heidi Nazarudin and Dana Decena answered few questions from the guests.
Bloggers Babes Asia in Manila participants/ attendees.
Thank you Clozette and Blogger Babes together with all the sponsors for making the event happened. 

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