Friday, January 2, 2015

Have a Luminous and Younger Looking Skin at Luminisce.

It has been more than two weeks ago since I visited Luminisce clinic. I wanted to look good for myself just like every soul you meet out there. We all know how taking care of ourselves and looking presentable is very important. Looking young and using age-defying products is not just a fad. It is now a concern and part of lifestyle for everyone. 

Selfie last December 16, 2014. My session in Luminisce took place on the day before this. I took a selfie where the light is high. I'm not really fair looking in actual.

Kindly bear with me as I share my experience through words. I lack photo documentation for every procedures done. I fill up a form and put a check for every skin concerns like blackheads, whiteheads, acne, premature lines, uneven skin tone and the like. After, was the skin analysis by the Dermatologist through the naked eye. I told her that I have a big concern with some premature lines on my forehead. She showed me up some pictures of a woman advance in years in different angles. She explained the types of wrinkles. Learn more about it here :)

The session started off with  a Luxury Facial or Facial deluxe. My attendant or beauty technician did a facial cleanse and relaxing massage. She used some facial sponge while cleansing my face. I love the motions of her hands while doing this session. Her hands was really gentle. Sorry, I forgot her name eh. After that, She proceeded with Sonophoresis. This process uses an equipment wherein ultrasound waves removing blackheads and whiteheads along the way. Another machine was use which is the Oxygenating machine that hydrate and open pores. I felt like a royal after experiencing this state of the art equipments for 

Above photo was the after Coquille Peel session. My attendant used an AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which was derived from natural fruit and food extracts, Its use is to effectively exfoliate and hydrate the skin and remove rough skin to restore skin's moisture levels.

After the two sessions I mentioned above, I noticed my skin was more smoother and I feel younger again like grade school. Not kidding. In fairness to me, when I was in grade school I really had a great skin before blackheads and whiteheads appeared.

The two sessions were part of their Skin Revival program. My last session is part of Age-Defy program. I'm 26 years old as of now. I have concern with some lines on my forehead due to sun exposure or active facial expressions. 

As I mentioned above my concern before the whole session, we agreed to do the Botox. Botulinum toxin is a fast, non-surgical treatment that relaxes wrinkle causing muscles. I was told that the result ... or we should say the effect will happen two weeks after. I am putting my hand recently above my forehead and I notice the difference. My palm hand used to cover my whole forehead. Now, there's a thumb finger out and not included anymore in my finger hand to cover my forehead when I put my hand above my forehead. 

I was given anesthesia before the injections of botox. Dr. Kaycee asked me to lift my forehead muscles or itaas ang noo. She put some marks where she'll inject the botox. And voila! haha ... I was given some post botox instructions like avoid Vitamin E, do not press the botox treated area, keep away from hot surfaces, avoid rigorous activities, do not lie down for six hours after the treatment etc., 

Dr. Kaycee emphasized to use sunblock always. I will post their very own sunblock  product in  another entry.  I wish I had a photo of me where I am covering my forehead before this session to see the before and after. I swear If you see me now those premature lines disappeared. I need to the part to keep my skin in perfect form.

Thank you Dr. Kaycee for the wonderful treatment and your staff too.

Visit the Luminisce Clinic

32nd Street, 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global Taguig City.
Across St. Luke's Fort

Prices per sessions/procedures were  not indicated. Kindly ask the clinic and experience it for yourself.

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