Friday, January 16, 2015

PARADIZOO. A delightful place to enjoy animals and nature. Part 1

One of my plans for this year is to get out of Metro Manila more and explore places like this. We all need to get out of of our usual route once in a while to be refreshed and see more wonderful creatures more than our friendly pets and neighbors. LOL.  It was a sunny but chilly weather when we got in here. Let me first show you all the animals I've met in this 11 hectare land called Paradizoo

Me and this pony.
Our tour guide and Denise.
While waiting for our turn to feed the birds. Hello Ate Aci :)
Me and the birds on my hand. There were light violet birds and light blue in colors. I tried to remember all the birds I saw when I was in grade school during a field trip. Sadly, I don't remember I saw some birds in these colors. 

There's also a goat feeding but you need to pay for experience.
Adult Goat
A former racer horse.
I was really ecstatic getting near with this camel. I'm glad to see a camel for the first. Good thing they imported this animal.
Look how vast the farm is.
Goat Cages in separates
I wasn't able to experience milking a goat. My other fellas did. I was busy watching two goats fight. They were head to head in battle through their horns.
Horses eating
White horse
The EGG-Ziting Story areas wherein eggs are on display.

Turkey eggs
Mallard duck egg and Chicken egg.
 I guess these are Turkeys
 Pet me home. Plant me home
 What's inside.
 Ducks. They were like Barangay tanods. So loud.
Carly, the puppy. There were some animals free to move anywhere they want.

To Learn more about Paradizoo check it out here:

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