Friday, January 16, 2015

PARADIZOO. A delightful place to enjoy animal and nature. Part 2.1

Part of this vast Animal Farm land of Paradizoo is the Flower Garden. I think it is just a balance environment if animals exist, plants and flowers also must. 
Footsteps on our way up to the hill of the Flower Garden.
First view

Hello Ate Riza!
Well arranged ground flower plants.
 I'm glad to see Poinsenttia in actual. I just usually see artificial or fake Poinsenttia during the
 Thank you for not picking me! There were a lot of scattered sign boards everywhere to remind every guests.
 Riza and me

 Mickey Mouse, an eggplant family that is not edible.

 Sunflower. Sorry, wasn't able to focus the subject.
Looks like part of a game board like Chess. Pretty sight indeed!

More pictures to come.

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  1. Cool place! Sarap mag macro dito sa dami ng flowers! Ü


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