Sunday, January 25, 2015

PARADIZOO: A delightful place to enjoy animal and nature. Part 3

There were still some parts of this tour I haven't showed up. So, here it is. More features of Paradizoo and attractions.

Paradizoo Cafe
Paradizoo cafe is filled of plants in its surroundings.
Hello ladies!
Snow white and seven dwarfs. I don't know why it is part of every garden I've been to. When I was little, I've seen a lot of garden with this miniature.

Wedding pavillion. Ehem! You know where I will be if ever!
 Bees lecture
 Can you see some shadow?
My groupie were very curious and eager to learn from the Bee lecturer.

 Einstein Once Said That ...
Honey House
 There was a Pet Cemetery.
Pet burial 
 There was a lake of frogs. Seriously, it is.
There was a group taking a video of this zip line ride/ zip ride.

Group picture while having lunch :)

Thank you Zoomanity team for this tour.

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