Monday, January 19, 2015

Residence Inn. Another Zoomanity Group Owned Animal Place and Near Taal Lake View

Just some few kilometers away from Paradizoo, another place to go and enjoy with your family or Barkada is Residence Inn. Its a mini zoo wherein you can greatly see the Taal lake view. In here, you can see some animals which you weren't able to see at Paradizoo like Tiger and Monkeys.
Welcome to Residence Inn!
Residence Inn Entrance Fee information.
Hello there :)
Fishes. Aquariums.

Parrot Fish. There's such a thing! I feel so ignorant. hahaha

I didn't put on focus point shooting on some creatures because I felt a little disgusted mix with scared.

Silver Arowana
White Tilapia
Different Kinds of Phyton
Red Tail Boa
Asian Box Turtle
Different Kinds of Scorpions
Different Kinds of spiders
Mexican Fireleg
Taal Lake view
Cable car not on board
For sale animal plushes
There was a Sketch Pinoy services in the area.
 Tiger stuff/ Tiger plush
Cable Car

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