Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I missed Last January 2015

I missed #StatusTalks with Jeff Staple last January 25. Yes! A month ago, same day as the National news about Mamasapano. 

1.A food review somewhere in Makati with  Miss Sol Razo.
2. Victoria Court Blogcon. I confirmed my attendance and cancel the same day. 
3. Fusion Philippines Music Festival. 
All these three happened last January 30, 2015. It was National Mourning day for SAF 44.

The following day was WANDERLAND BATTLE OF THE BAND Finals. It was scheduled on 4 pm. I have another go-to agenda that day too which was an invite from Larc and asset pr for the ALTA MODA FARRALES. It was stated in the email that the program will start by 6pm. But it started by 8pm. I lost the chance of winning a ticket for this year WANDER LAND Festival because I chose to be at the Rizal Ballroom for the last night of the last month of January. I thank God for this wonderful Adios Enero experience.

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