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Global Sushi Chain Wasabi Warriors Open Its Philippine Franchise In Makati

Wasabi Warriors formally launched its first Philippine outlet on May 6, 2015 at The Gramercy Residences in Century City, Kalayaan Avenue. The brand currently has four branches in Australia, and also has outlets in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and soon the United Arab Emirates.

Established in Sydney in 2007, the sushi chain is known for creating innovatively crafted meals and providing alternatives to the unhealthy fare offered by most fast-food chains and conveniences stores. This is the reason why it is known for one of the healthiest sushi fast-food chain in the world. All the dishes in the restaurant are prepared in-store daily that's why the sushi offerings vary day-by-day. 

Inari Seaweed

Seeing Double with these indulgent Inari and Seaweed Rolls.

Salmon Sashimi 

Wasabi Warriors Advocacy
Wasabi Warriors' operations revolve around its "green heart philosophy", which offers diners the chance to live by three intertwined tenets-- to eat good, do good, and feel good," Dewar, the owner stresses.

Advocating the good life: Eat Good, Do Good, Feel Good

According to Dewar, to "eat good" specifically refers to eating fresh, premium food that is nutritionally beneficial for the customers' well-being. In turn, to "do good" means supporting business practices that help the oceans, the earth, and the animals. "Feel good" refers to knowing that, when they eat at the restaurant, customers also help honor practices that are good for the environment.

Wasabi Warriors differs from other sushi restaurants in the country by its value on serving premium healthy and sustainable items but also on using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Kimmi Siu Dewar believes in supporting local farmers to ensure the sustainability and growth of the local food industry.

Panko Prawn 

Ebi Fry, Fresh Salmon

Fresh, Fried, Perfection. Bite size prawn and salmon goodness. This is my personal favorite. 

California, Chicken Teriyaki, Fresh Salmon, Pork Prawn, Tuna and Avocado

Choice Combinations of Tuna Mayo and Avocado, Panko Prawn, Fresh Salmon, and Spicy Tuna Roll. 

The restaurant offers 11 to 12 different types of sushi rolls, all of which can be prepared using white, brown, red or black rice. These sushi dishes were crafted specifically for Wasabi Warriors  by Japanese Master Chef Hideo Dekura.

  1. Tuna Mayo & Avocado
  2. Teriyaki Chicken
  3. Honey Soy Chicken
  4. Pork Katsu & Avocado
  5. Fresh Salmon & Avocado
  6. Chicken Katsu
  7. Panko Prawn
  8. Spicy Tuna Roll
  9. Spicy Katsu chicken 
  10. California Roll
  11. Teriyaki Beef
Wasabi Warriors uses a specially made sushi robot that can make 500 rolls per hour and a rice mixer that automatically blends rice for the sushi dishes. The restaurant also has an open kitchen that allows guests to see the kitchen staff preparing food. 

Seared Salmon
Ms. Kimmi Siu Dewar of Swinging Chairs Establishments, the Filipino company that brought Wasabi Warriors to the country and with one of their Chef. 
Wasabi Warriors Pack

The restaurant also serves bento packs and bowls. Helping guide customers to "eat good, do good and feel good" are the five Wasabi Warriors brothers: Ocean, Beefy, Porky, Chicken, and Veggie.

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