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Take The POLIDENT challenge

POLIDENT Mounts First-of-Its-Kind Installation in Manila

9 million Filipinos wear dentures
9 million Filipinos in the urban areas wear dentures, making the Philippines the country with the highest incidence of denture wearers in Asia.
This was revealed in the study “Oral Care U&A: Market Understanding  Study
Middle East & Asia’’ conducted by Ipsos Marketing for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).
The study cited that about nine million of the Philippine urban population, majority in the thirty five to sixty nine year-old age group, wear dentures. Eighty four percent of denture wearers reside in Metro Manila, with nine percent in Metro Cebu and six percent in Metro Davao.
Another study “The Emerging Consumer Denture Journey” by Nick Newall and Rachel Kern also outlined the causes for such spike in denture wearing, among them, the limited access to oral hygiene, expensive dentist fees, and lack of awareness of importance of oral hygiene and its effects to self-confidence.
“The Filipinos’ oral and dental health care practices are limited to very simple routines like brushing the teeth using regular toothpastes and toothbrushes.  Some even use alternative household products such as salt water for cleaning the teeth,” cited the study.
The Denture Journey also discussed the fact that dentists are rarely a source of awareness in terms of oral care among Filipinos.  It reported that there is a forced relationship between dentists and patients who meet only during emergency cases.  Some people, according to the study, even have others pull their teeth off.  But the most damaging of these is the loss of practice of revisiting the dentist for follow-ups.
Dr. Danny Magtanong of the Philippine Prosthodontic Society (PPS), also pointed out the lack of patient-dentist relationships among Filipinos.
“We must create value for our teeth regardless of financial difficulties.  In terms of dental relationships, people neglect returning to their dentists for maintenance purposes, doing so only when the damage has been too great to bear,” said Dr. Magtanong.
Magtanong, who specializes in reconstructive dentistry and is an associate professor in prosthodontics at the UP College of Dentistry, also explained that Filipinos have become apathetic toward their teeth.
“Not only is the "bahala na" attitude of Filipinos alarming, but also the lack of value for teeth.  For example, people in the past would have attitudes like "okay lang 'yan, masisira din naman ngipin mo," these attitudes have evolved to be damaging towards the total dental health of the individual.  So now, many become more and more subject to dental problems not only because of this attitude, but also largely due to Filipinos' inadequacy to acquire proper dental health implements. What Filipinos largely know of is only to brush their teeth; on some occasions, gargle with salt if financial circumstances are not favorable.”
The PPS, in coordination with GSK, has been undertaking an education and information campaign in the metropolis as well as in the grassroots community to promote dental health and proper denture care.
Polident aims to educate the public on the proper maintenance of dentures to allow them to pursue regular activities such as speaking and eating without fear.  Polident denture care products include Polident Denture Cleanser which is formulated to clean dentures, remove stains and kill 99.99 percent of odor-causing particles. 
Polident Denture Adhesive Cream, on the other hand, helps secure dentures properly for up to twelve hours, and seals off gaps to stop food particles from entering the dentures.  With proper oral hygiene and dental adhesives like Polident, it is now possible for denture users to live confident, clean and secure with their dentures.
Polident dares denture wearers to live a healthy life free of inhibitions by taking the Polident Challenge.  For free samples and delivery nationwide of both Polident Denture Cleanser and Polident Adhesive Cream, call 924-2475.

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